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Freedom & Punishment There is a myth among people that the Almighty punishes us for our wrongdoings. But the fact is that HE does not punish anyone; punishment is an automatic process of universal rebalance working itself out through time. It is actually a simultaneous process of realisation and responsibility. Hence we should not really call it punishment, but justice. However, above justice, there is one power that cancels the debts, the imbalances, the sorrow. That power is Love, which in its pure form is called Divine Love and comes directly from Supreme. With great compassion, Divine Love cancels the past, dissolves our debts and releases the soul from its various accounts, provided we love and respect others to the extent we love and respect ourselves. But, if we return to our old habit of misusing our freedom, then there is no alternative but punishment- Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji (this is reproduced for the information and benefit of our members in "sundercircle". Your comments are most welcome. Kind Regards. Sunder T.

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sunderblogger: sundercircle.sunderblogger.blogspot: How to keep a woman happy... It is not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. A friend 2. A companion 3. A love...


How to keep a woman happy... It is not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. A friend 2. A companion 3. A lover 4. A brother 5. A father 6. A master 7. A chef 8. An electrician 9. A carpenter 10. A plumber 11. A mechanic 12. A decorator 13. A stylist 14. A sexologist 15. A gynecologist 16.. A psychologist 17. A pest exterminator 18. A psychiatrist 19. A healer 20. A good listener 21. An organizer 22. A good father 23. Very clean 24. Sympathetic 25. Athletic 26. Warm 27. Attentive 28. Gallant 29. Intelligent 30. Funny 31. Creative 32. Tender 33. Strong 34. Understanding 35. Tolerant 36. Prudent 37. Ambitious 38. Capable 39. Courageous 40.. Determined 41. True 42. Dependable 43. Passionate 44. Compassionate WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: 45. Give her compliments regularly 46. Love shopping 47. Be honest 48. Be very rich 49. Not stress her out 50. Not look at other girls AND AT THE SAME TIME, YOU MUST ALSO: 51. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself 52. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself 53. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: 54. Never to forget: * birthdays * anniversaries * arrangements she makes HOW TO MAKE A MAN HAPPY 1. Leave him alone


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DigiEdu4all sub: Gender gap in literacy rate you might assume that in any society the proportion of literates will be higher among males than among females. Data on gender-wise literacy rates for different countries shows that there are several exceptions. There are 13 countries including Jamaica, Brazil and the UAE with higher literacy rate in females. Another 49 countries mostly advanced economies, have equal literacy rates for both sexes. India ranked 127 among 144 on gender gap in literacy. Equal literacy for both sexes: United States, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Russia. India: Females- 61% and males 76% Source: The Global Gender Gap Report 2015. Regards Sunder T 20151120

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DigiEdu4all.joint family.20151117 The Joint Family Cult is a very eastern world charm. In the West, its closer version were more royal living out of a mansion with over 50 people living as one grandeur surname. In the East, it carried a brand too, based on the laurels and accomplishments of its members, than the mercy of a lineage. It continues even now - mostly in China and India. So you can see a few dozen people walk out of a small home, may not be so much in Delhi or Beijing, more so in the smaller towns and more remote districts. There will be kids of similar ages but they may be a generation apart: as one of them would be an aunt or an uncle. Now waning as space does not permit civilised living for so many within a door. They have also waned as the family's old values and ethos were challenged or compromised. I see the scenario more as a hardware store owner who in his 20s started out a venture for a family that included his brothers and sisters besides his own very young children. The business was more a men affair and the household women's domain. So you could walk into the store and see the startup owner sit at the cash whilst other members would be simple salesmen. And at the home, the elderly father in his 60s would decide whom to welcome at home, which neighbour to be friendly with and which neighbour to be treated with a distant grace. The elderly mother would decide the menu but the overall kitchen would the exclusive domain of the store owner's wife, the elder most of the senior generation. As the brothers got married, the family expanded with the newer kid generation thrice the size. So, the two brothers were just the right hands to manage the sales at the store. Until the next generation boy turned 16 when they would be the trainee floating around for the odd jobs. Soon they crowded the salesmen's roles. In the older times, following the ethos, values and disciplines that kept a joint family together, the startup store owner would diversify and invest into another store or another venture. In this age, the owner has a bigger question: should the new investment be for his next brother or for the son? If he would for the brother, that will be just, as the new venture could get more mature and experienced hands. What happens however if the capital is blocked into the brother's business that might not treat the family just as his own? And the son, when he grows does not get a share out of his uncle's business? These questions that were not ever relevant to the old age norms turned very realistic and wise in the new age. So, you might just find several such stores with more pouring hands of salesmen than the size of the daily customers. The sharper, keener and the agile now turned into lazy ducks, sitting pretty, doing little but passing well. The newer store in the neighborhood could swallow its old pride. Or, if the business split into its various members lending financial freedom, so would the families multiply into more homes. Back in the home, the changing tastes and preferences of the newer generation would make the rule keepers job very challenging and often threatening. On the bright side its trusted financial and affectionate support made people more secure. But they also made the newer generation take to life a bit easy, often even lazy! Lineages get threatened by the declining zeal to keep the decree high and above. If the aspirations lose, the financial challenges overcome other needs to separate into more nucleuses. And the old name loses its charm. It does not then matter if the newer may make a name or just keep up with the old. I was at a chemist shop in one of the posh Delhi markets when I saw three generations managing the store dutifully as despite having their Mont Blanc pens and glasses signed off on their attire, they would be so willing to attend to an angry customer. Despite that there were at least six more hired sales guys - some appeared as old as the master at the cash. Yet I could see that the youngest boy in his new age blues wasn't quite so comfortable in listening. The proverbial joint families still live. And they live in Delhi and Mumbai. In Bangkok or Shanghai. The Westminster is very different. Posted 7th September by Prabhat Sinha

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DigiEdu4all, Fee-Free, Online, Anytime, Anywhere Mob: +91 9867201030, 9967219240 Contact: Managing Trustee, Sunder T Location: Mumbai, India. Sub: India on cusp of “whatsapp in Finance Aadhar card creator Nilekani believes, India is at the cusp of a big financial revolution, if it were to follow a route to cashless (therefore corruption-free) economy. Aadhar card has already been successful for direct benefit transfers and social security payments, and all these trends can culminate in a game-changing way. These game-changing milestones include the working of existing technologies that are enabling success to people and reducing procedure, paperwork and time. “eKYC makes sure anyone get a bank account without paperwork. The Jan Dhan scheme has opened bank accounts of 120 millions of Indians in a big way. With Pahal, LPG subsidies are now credited into bank accounts of 120 million families. The microATM is deployed in thousands of villages providing banking facilities and remittances using Aadhaar and biometric authentication at the last mile without the presence of the bank”. Today India is at the head of the technology curve. There are 12 projects and only two are approved (Aadhar and Pahal). The balance 10 projects are in the waiting list at present. These Are eKYC, payments, health, education, justice, transparent government expenditure etc. etc. Technology is the greatest equaliser of our times is no long a debate. Through the use of technology we can achieve change at speed and at scale. By understanding incentives, providing convenience and understanding the power of markets, we can root out corruption from all aspects of our society. It will not happen by appointing more Lokpals and more policing and more laws. It will happen through a systematic redesign of our processes. This article appeared in a local paper and is now re-produced for the information and benefit of our members –“sundercircle”. Your are most welcome to join, share your vies, offer suggestions, or comment, if any. Kind Regards. Sunder T. 20151116.

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger: DigiEdu4all.blogspot.: Subject: Is the app fascination of e-commerce companies killing the fun of shopping online? Or is it offering benefits that websites cann...

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Subject: Is the app fascination of e-commerce companies killing the fun of shopping online? Or is it offering benefits that websites cannot provide? Let us find out: APP or WEB: What is better Pros of apps: Customised push notifications, offline access, less clutter, great performance, simple to use, easy on mobile data Cons of app: Access to personal data, not frequently used, customer service ``````````````````````````````````````````````VS``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````. Pros of WebBetter visibility of products, visit only when you need it, no need to share personal information, does`t eat into your memory. Cons of WebDoesn`t work on slow internet speed, may no optimise properly if opened on mobile; clustered, less option to customise. Your views, suggestions or comments are most welcome. Kindly contact Regards Sunder T. 20151115

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Sunderblogger.220 you are that: Everything in this world can be divided into two categories- perishable and non-perishable-that which go through cycles of change and that which does not change at all. There is no third category! One category is that of truth and the other of falsehood. One category is of the sentient and the other of the non-sentient. So everything is sentient or no-sentient, true or false, perishable or no-perishable. We become whatever we connect ourselves with. If we connect ourselves with the perishable, we become perishable. What is perishable? Whatever comes to an end, whatever changes and whatever has change as its basic essence is perishable. Can we change nature? No, we cannot do that. The intrinsic nature of things cannot be changed. You, inn\ your core, are immortal and imperishable- this cannot change Now the question is, where do you position yourself? In the category of the `imperishable` or that of the `perishable`. Regards. Sunder T.

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Sunderblogger.20151107 Tolerant Indians English translation of an article that appeared recently in THUGLAQ--a Tamil weekly edited by CHO is reproduced. The President has complained that the people be more tolerant and understanding – Fantastic and very commendable. Let us analyse our tolerance level and find where we are lacking. 1. Politicians have improved from their corruption target of few lakhs To 1.76-2.0 lakh crores and we tolerate them. 2. Election time – self declaration wealth of 1000 crores, and we never asked them from Where, they got this from their previous statement of few lakhs 5 years back. Not only that we accept his so many privileges and subsidized everything from idlies to plane tickets and “Z plus ‘security and traffic snarls because of their movement. 3. We also tolerate that sons and relatives are the natural choice of becoming their successors in positions like CM, ministers etc. We justify that by saying we are used to Rajah and Zamindars and we accept them as their right. 4. Parliament and assemblies has become circus arena and fish market with shouting, counter Shouting, flinging of objects, and, abuses. We appreciate their heroic sense of responsibility and praise them with poems and lectures on their achievements. 5. For 50 years each successive government have promised to bring in the black money and they are still trying! Endless list of offenders, bank cheaters, fraudsters are published by all media with proofs. But they continue to live the same lavish style and are very well taken care by the Politicians. They scratch each other’s back. We just don’t bother and ignore saying “nothing is going to happen “and just get on with our own miserable life. 6. Fake doctors, fake lawyers, fake teachers, fake medicines fake everything! many times they look better than originals Do we complain – No, Mr. President. 7. Our pride, the” excellent” condition of roads, water contamination, power cuts, hospital hygiene, we never complain and we learn to live them and adjust to realities. 8. Doctors steal kidneys, teachers help students to copy (even a DIG was caught copying recently) bank officials loot the bank cash in their own way, police help the criminals what happens – nothing. It is all TV entertainment news for us. We sit and enjoy the loud talk shows and debates and forget everything the very next moment. We are not ashamed that the rest of world is laughing at us and we are jeopardizing the values of our institutions and students. 9. Government lavishly throws money meant for development for freebies like TV, maxis, grinders, goats, Cycles and laptops (only to their party affiliates) and call it their achievement. We admire them and make posters, cutouts 50-60 ft high right in the middle of roads and garland them. 10. Corruption in all levels and our bureaucracy is brilliant in devising ways to collect money from public. Any alternate or improvement is shot down promptly, by devising method to subvert and bypass them. No can ever beat them in short circuiting the system and make it ineffective. 11. Pakistan crosses our border and beheads our soldiers and China tells us to vacate from our own land. Do we object –NO.? We only warn them and we are tolerant. 12. There is Power shortage, Rape, farmer’s suicide, drought, river water fights between states. Do us Bother. We are only concerned with why Dhoni did not score a century in every test and why Salma Khan did not smile at Sharukh Khan when they met!! We are interested only in show bajjis. Swatch bharath we all take a broom stick and clean where ever it is already cleaned and on our way back throw bottles, cans, wrappers, tissues and what not all along for more swatch bharat !! We all know nothing happens to us if we violate any civic or/and traffic rules or for that matter any rules!! So Mr. President where did you find us intolerant and please be specific so that we can ‘improve” further. Courtesy. Ideas from Sathya of Thuglak magazine

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger: blogzsunder.: Blogzsunder.wordpress.20151106 India Without make up: Indian politics are becoming a nuisance instead of a guidance factor for democratic ...

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Blogzsunder.wordpress.20151106 India Without make up: Indian politics are becoming a nuisance instead of a guidance factor for democratic India with PM Modi in the seat. Every day some minister will say something and a commotion is created in whole of India. Intolerance is always in the forefront and shows its ugly teeth. The latest the national outrage, by off the cuff remark, “People from north India take pride in breaking the law”. This remark shows lack of sense and denigrates all Indians. It is not uncommon for Indians to break traffic rules, tax rules, etc. but to brank north Indian was not in a good taste. Your views or comments are most welcome. Thanks. Sunder T in Mumbai. blogzsunder

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sunderblogger.20151105- Man cannot possess anything as long as he fears death. But to him who does not fear it, everything belongs. If there was suffering, man would not know his limits, would not know himself- Leo Tolstoy, war and peace. This appeared in a local paper and is now reproduced for the info. and benefit to our members of "sundercircle". Regards. TheSunderkt

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger.DigiEdu4all: In a country where most users access internet for the first time through a mobile device, this should come as no surprise and in India, mo...


In a country where most users access internet for the first time through a mobile device, this should come as no surprise and in India, mobile seems to be the way forward for e-Commerce companies. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, out of the 354 million internet users in India, 213 million are mobile-only. However it's not just about the scale of users, but how far they have come in such a short time. The number of mobile users has indeed quadrupled since June 2012 in the sub-continent. Regards. Sunder T -

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