Friday, February 28, 2014


india_withoutmakeup -continueing as no.128 -

Let us come to concrete realities. We should learn to select all those ingredients in Westernism which can blend with our being and serve our requirements

We cannot experct much from our present educators and political guides. As we have sen, exceptions apart, they are themselves but distorted images of conflicting and contradictory isms.

What shall we do? to begin with, we have to study afresh the old discipline; then, without undue delay, we have to consider as to how much of it will suit us to-day; finally, a through investigatin has to be made of the educational systems of the great countries of the world. Japan has some feautures that we might wellassimilate; the same applies to Germany, Russia, America and France. Britain, of course, we willinstictively follow.

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Sunder T

Thursday, February 20, 2014


India knows the world well, Some of India`s old and ntn-so-old politicians still view the planet as British bureaucract painted it for them

Nescience this might be called, not knowledge. It must be scracped. India cannot progress if India keep marching amid imaginary phantoms

Surely India need an educational system which is attuned to its sprit. India have not for to look. India has what she wants, only she must bring it out

It is not suffested the rejection of Westernism; indeed not; it is, looked at properly,an aspect of Vedism. It stresses the glory of life here and now. Indian has to understand that. But India has to include what the West has forgotten-the waking state and its experiences are nto the only conitions of existance known ot man. Other and higher levels have to be explored. [next will continue as no. 128]

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Sunder T

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


continueing as no. 126 - india_withoutmakeup- In India, the system of education was thrust upon by the British and was so designed as to give India a phoney idea of all nations, including Indian. India saw everything through the monocle of Indian masters. Naturally, Indian ideas about the West are even now every naive and warped. British was, of course, presented to India as green jewel set in a silver sea, where freedom broadened out from precedent to precedent; France was a delightful country where all ways led to perdition; Germany was brave and industrious but at best splay-footed; Italy and Greece were full of glory and gradeur but at present decadent; Russia was big and boisterous, full of extrvagance in the midst of unimaginable poverty; America was rich and powerful without a sing of true culture. As for India, it licked too much the chop of memoery. The other Asian landsChina, Japan, Indonesia, these were either dormant or acolytes of the West. [Next will continue as no. 127]- Kind Regards! Sunder T

Thursday, February 13, 2014


india_withoutmakeup continueing as no.125 - India`s present educational system is all wrong. It is what late rulers, the British, imposed on India for various reasons. It reminds Indians of a Chinese tailor who made a suit for a ship-wreched American, he id his job so well that he preserved all the holes and tearsin the garment he copied. Well, Indian has not only preserved all the rents in the British system of education, but the system that was foisted upon us was never truly British. It was designed, as Lord Macuallay admitted, to produce a race of obeient monkeys. Indians are today such successful monkeys that Indians imitate without thinking no only the British but alos the Russians and the Americans. If by any chance the pygmies of Africa were to become important, Indian would, quickly copy them too. Inf fact, as Dr.G.g.Goulton, the medieval historian, used to say: 'Indian are mosty copy-cats." A proud title Indian have earned for themselves, haven`t they? The Buddha and Patanjali of men with the largest minds have become rubber-stamps. Kind Regards!. Sunder T - next will continue as no. 126

Saturday, February 8, 2014


- india_withoutmakeup is continueing as no. 124 - India for nearly a thousand year had a slowly disintegrating society. Today, despite the efforts of the British and of Gandhi, Indian`s unity is of a negative nature. India knows waht she ought not to do, but India knows not what India should do. About this "should" thee as many voices as active brains. Vedic past; a second grows lyrical about the wonderful ways of the West; other say other things. It is all a self-cancelling business. However, the old discipline, though neglected and apparently discarded, is still full of vitality and is lying dormant in the consciousness of the people. It has to be revived if India once again has to be in possesion of its being. The forms will have to change, of necessity, but the core and underlying principles must be re-utilized to renew India. Kind Regards! Sunder T [Next will continue as no. 125]

Thursday, February 6, 2014


[india_withoutmakeup is continueing as no.123]

In Indian, as long as stict rules were applied to the bringing up of the yourng, especially in the various forest schools of ancient days, India produced an ideal home life, a co-ordinated individual and a co-oridnated society. It was during these periods that the greatness of India was displayed itself in its planitude.

After the Age of the Guptas (400-800 A.D), when India filled the world with emblems of beauty and power, decay set in and the cause of it was that this tried and tested system of education was neglected and then abandoned.

Not only the individual fell, but- and this is far worse- the cohesive principle of Indianism, which kept India united from Samarkand to Ceylon, began to give way. Indian spiritual oneness, which had defied all conquests, now split up into unco-related fragments

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Sunder T

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