Saturday, April 29, 2017


India simplified: India has a unique opportunity to draft a very modern data protection and privacy Bill which can be superior to what is happening elsewhere in the world. Before even GST (Goods and Services Tax) is being introduced from July 01, 2017, more than 5 million businesses are seen registered on the (GSTN) GST Network. This will generate around 2 billion electronic invoices every month. Sunder Thadani. 20170429.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I’m a writer!” It sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it? Let me tell you, the people I have read about who truly are writers love what they do, but it is no walk in the park! Blood, toil, sweat, and tears, yes. Dancing through the daisies, no. As many people have wisely said, there are two things you must do if you want to be a writer. You have to read a lot, and you have to write. Write. Write. Write some more. The reading part is easy. So many books, so little time. The writing part, I am learning, is not quite too easy. This blog is one of my efforts to eliminate my excuses, to motivate myself to write every day, to constantly improve my style. My biggest fear? Rejection, of course! On to more practical things. I am 87. I have been married for 41 years. Today I am a widower with no children. Since I graduated from college, I have been a full-time employee for few private corporate companies. Now retired and living alone peacefully. So. The wisdom is that you should write about what you know. I know about growing up in a parsonage; about moving a lot when I was growing up; about learning to make do without very much money; about putting myself through college, marrying a really, really good guy, and then the mom/teacher/counselor stuff. Frankly? Right now, I have no idea where this blog is going to take me. Should be an interesting journey. Sunder Thadani. 20170418.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today in April 2017 we can all Indians sit back and appreciate the progress Indian has made. Every state is competing with the other to build a smarter city. And whether you are at Momentum Jharkhand, Sunrise Andhra or Progressive Punjab- each state is rolling our the red carpet set for technology entrepreneurs. Certainly, citizen have seen a ot of benefits too. Today, from the booking os train tickets to LPG cylinders, all are online. The income tax department reminds you of your due date via email and your city`s traffic police suggests road to avoid on their Facebook page, bu in innovation too India has the world`s most vibrant and sophisticated payments infrastructure in the world. Indian even have an entire technology stack which leverage the power of the web for developmental purpose. Sunder Thadani.20170412.

Monday, April 10, 2017





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Today`s site lets you easily create customized animated wallpapers ad screensavers for your cellphone. Simply select from a wide variety of animated templates, choose a color, and key in the text you want to display. Then you can either save the generated image to your PC and transfer it to a mobile phone, or download it directly to your phone by generating a WAP link. And, yes, ther`s also a feature for Webcam to create an animated screensaver using their own photo! /check it our… Sunder Thadani.20170410.

Monday, April 3, 2017


Laziness can be contagious Do you have lazy friends or co-workers ? Their attributes towards laziness and impatience can rub off on you, a study has found. It is found out that people not only pick up on other`s attitudes three personality characteristics -because impatience and prudence-but they may even start to imitate these behaviours, suggesting a strong social influence. Sunder Thadani. 20170403.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Mumbai, is the mega metropolitan, magnificent city of 18 milion people within 437 square km radius. The skyline of Mumbai, time again and again, has been compared to that of manhattan, New York. the transformation is underway and redevelopment hold the key. Mumbai, being an island city, is in need of high-rises, as they pave the way for more realty stock. The new government is indeed taking welcome steps to accelerate housing growth. The easing of norms to develop high-rises near the coastal area will ensure more space, be it for housing or recreational purposes, which is indeed the need of the hour. Mumbai`s real estate is among the most expensive in the world. Sunder Thadani. 20170401.