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sunderblogger: sunderblogger.blogspot-india_withoutmakeup.146: this blog is no.146 India is a strange country. The picture is different. People of same stock there have progresively beocme strangers to...


this blog is no.146

India is a strange country. The picture is different. People of same stock there have progresively beocme strangers to one another. Psychologically, they might be said to belog to different countries, to different civilization, to differnt centuries. In India, is a wonderful museum of living human specimens

The fault for this state of affairs lies largely with the Hindus. Hindu orthodoxy is soul-destroying. The day food, drinks and clothes captured India`s religious thinking, India lost all sense of proportion. Indian remain without poise and balance evern today

India`s bevaviour for long has ben shoking. A boy or a girl eating beef was driven away from his or her home and flug onto the desert islands of otherness. Outcasting was a passion with India. Gandhi was thrown out of his communicty because he had dared to visit such an unholy country as good old Albion, then the shrine of respectability. Hinduism, moved by some destructive impulse, has never ceased to be champion chuker-out. What is the result? India has culpably weakened herself

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger.blogspot-india_withoutmakeup.145: this blog is continueing as no.145 American industrial democracy, which has thrown the doors of opportunity wide open for merit, has broug...


this blog is continueing as no.145

American industrial democracy, which has thrown the doors of opportunity wide open for merit, has brought all the disparate groups together. Equal chances for all is the binding force of a united people

The social democracy of these people, except for the Negroes, puts the President and the workers in ovralls in the same category as fellowcitizens. They intermigle whereever they meet on equal terms

While in factories and in offices, they may be bosses or workers, but outside they are both citizens. The labourer does not cower before the top man, nor doesthe top man seek to make hisself important. A factory gir, outside of a factory, is so dressed as to bemistaken for a lady of high society

In fine, Americans do not carry with them the insignia of theri office. Whatever theri station in life, they are fellow-workers in a common cause-how to live better and better

This is only a small touch on some of the ways by which foreigners, entering the United States, become part oand parcel of the American scene. The pull of the country is so voilent that it quickly erases all alienisms.In the next blog we shall discuss India

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this is continueing as no.144

America, like India, has on her hands the problem of unadjusted communities. Being conscious of this and of its danger to her vitality, integrity and nationalsolidarity, she is strunggling to solve it. She has succeeded to some extent, but how? Her methodsare valuable for India

First, she has encouraged one language, English. By every means possible. Sooner or later, all immigrants begin to speak and think in this national tongue

Then, they have cultivated one way of living. Their food, cloths, houses, habits, amusements and other ways if existence are common to all and within the reach of all. They have no dispossessed classes. Not even the negroes are that; many of them despite their black skin, earn enugh to make the white man in Europe green with envy

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger.blogspot-india_withoutmakeup.143: continueing as no.143 In India, it is ironical it is that Indian Muslims who in the bulk, belong, racially and culturally, to the Hindu st...

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger.blogspot-india_withoutmakeup.143: continueing as no.143 In India, it is ironical it is that Indian Muslims who in the bulk, belong, racially and culturally, to the Hindu st...


continueing as no.143

In India, it is ironical it is that Indian Muslims who in the bulk, belong, racially and culturally, to the Hindu stock- this is so of 95% of them- bave, by change of the religious cap, make themselves aliens in their own motherland. They have been tought to give loyalty to Mecca, when Mecca itself keep changing hands from time to time. What a position to be in both for Indian Muslims and for India!

England had to grapple with the same problem at one time. Happily, thee cam on the scene a man like Henry VIII, who overthrew the Papacy with the same case with which he overthrew his latest paramour. Anyhow, England did not get rid of her religious-complex until in the 19th century, when she ultimately gave the franchise to Catholics, Jews, and Nonconformists


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sunderblogger: sunderblogger.blogspot-india_withoutmakeup.142: The emasculation of India,from which she has not recovered yet, progressed rapidly. Being worshippers of the cow, Indian were themselves t...


The emasculation of India,from which she has not recovered yet, progressed rapidly. Being worshippers of the cow, Indian were themselves transformed into holy cows. That hovine quality still clings to Indians. At international gatherings our speakers never roar, they always make sounds that remind us of lowing

When India had become almost grass-eaters, Islam entered. Indians had the capacity to absorb it (being stirct vegetarians), though sporadic efforts were made in this direction from time to time, so to say, "garden escapes". Think of Kabir and Guru Nakak and the lovely stream of musical mysticism know as Sufi poeptry. However, not being able to disest Islam, India tolerated it, but kept strictly aloof from it. It did not even matter to India, such as wealkings we had become, that some of our children were being coverted by this militant creed, whose felicities and futilities were equally ignored by us

Islam, then like certain communities in the United States, remained an unassimilated chunk in Indian midst. It is in India, but it is not of our country

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Sunder T

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In India, they Aryans had no trouble into their fold the Dravidians and other inhabitans of India. The later conquests were more ripples on the surgace of Indian society. The Greeks, the Scythians, the Huns and many other tribes were quitely digested

Consider the case of Mendander. He was a Greek by race, but he was in all essentials a Buddhist and a good Indian

Hindus have always been omnivorous, but at a certain time an enfeebling germ entered their bloodstreem and destroyed their reserve powers. Mahavira and the Buddha cannot escape responsibility in this matter. They turned a nation of he-men (who ate and drank everything copiously-beef, pork, mutton and liquors of various kinds) into a people of feminine psychology and temperament, afraid to touch meats and spirituous drinks. India become tender, of course, without knowing what to be tender about

Even when Buddism had driven away from India and its ideas incorporated into Indian teachings, the trapping of the faith of Sakya-Muni lingered in Indians, with such a tenacity that men began to be disinguished by the clothes they wore, the food they masticated, and the drink they swallowed

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Sunder T

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-india_withoutmake us continueing as # 139-

India`s republican constituion has accepted a secular stte. What, in effect, does this mean?

Have India with a stroke of the pen abolished castes, creeds, and races in the country? Or is it India`s wishto let each and every faith flourish like the green bay-tree in spendid isolation?

India has no stte religion at present. The same is true of the United States, but certainly not of Britain, Italy, or Spain. Russia has done away with all old forms of belief, but has enthrouned in their place a brnad-new creed-Communism-which in some sense demands more fanatical allegiance than any knowncredo in history

Securism may a new concept to the West, but it has been practice by Indians for thousands of years. However, it was something quite differenct from what obtains with india at the moment

Kind Regards

Sunder T

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Sunderblogger.007 It's often difficult to say no because of the desire to be loved: we want to be helpful, we want to show we care, but we may have little to give, are tired, overworked, or need alone time. Do you feel that if you aren't there for someone, they may reject you? Or that you're somehow obliged to help as it makes you a good' person, parent or friend? Do you ever feel validated by being needed? It's easy to believe that any time you take to relax or meditate is time that could be used elsewhere. But taking time out doesn't mean it is selfish or even wasted time. Think about what happens when your day is spent constantly caring for others. Do you get resentful, irritated, or even angry? Do you find stress building up? Does the quality of care that you offer become affected by that inner tension? Or are you so used to being this way that it seems impossible to imagine being any other way? You may even think you're not the relaxing type, or that if you do relax you won't be able to cope with all the things you have to do. However, by taking time for yourself, by lowering your blood pressure and releasing stress, you are immediately creating a more harmonious environment that can only benefit all those around you. When you take time out to be quiet it means you don't get so angry, resentful, or frustrated; instead, you connect with who you really are. Then what you share with others is coming from that peaceful space. When you are energized and feeling good you will be able to do far more than if you are dragging yourself through your day with little energy or in a bad mood. So, rather than being selfish, such activity is actually the least selfish thing you could do! This is when saying no to others means you are affirming yourself. The power of saying no is that you are empowered! Best Wishes Sunder Thadani


In India, the problem is that o selection. Indians have rarely culivated this faculty. Indian thinking has generally been diffuse and diffusive. Now is the time for India to develop a gift for choosing out Indian experience. The whole world has before s; Indian have only to stretch out Indian hands to grasp what Indian seeks. India has continue to fmble. Wherefore? BecauseIndian has lost her innocence of eye. Names hypnotize Indians; Indians do not perceive what lies behind them. Indian must be, if Indian is to progress, free enough to be couragous and courageous enough to be free. India has to understand that knowledge is an arc that no one has yet completed; there is much still that awaits the enterprising explorer

Once again we must say to Indians; "Aham asti Brahma" (I am Brahma). If each Indina comes to believe in that "idee-force" of his race, there will be an unsurge of new confidence, leading to a fresh dawn

India has not yet discovered its true Indianess. An Indian goes about in borrowed plumes, cuttinga queer figure for the delight of all. Poor unfortunate being

Kind Regards!

Sunder T


In India, acting on the stage or for the screen is incredibly bad; it moves from clowing to swooning. The hero indulges in childish antics and the heroine, watching him in dazzled amazement, falls into his arms with a yell or a sob. Happilly, one producer of orignal vision has appeared on the scene; he is the Bengali Satyajit Ray, who is likely to astonish the worldmore and more. This is something to be grateful for to the gods; but one swallow, does not make summer.

India`s spiritual imprisonment continues. How Indian are going to get out of it? Not by dropping Westernism; not by going for illuminatin to the Red Paradise; not by rushing hither and thither, picking up unconsidered trifles, but simple by being Indians. Indians have a deplorable tendency to carry the bags of other peoples and races

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-continueing as #136-

India taint of otherness is unable to move. Indians are wearing caps that do not fit them. A singular exception was Aurobindo, who, having browsed in many fields of thought, never suffered from spiritual eructation. He assimilated everything and then uttered forth from a fuller mentality. But he was alone; he has left behind no heir to his light. The rest in philosophy is not silence, but an idle repetition of idle pomposities

India has had only two critics; the Buddha and Patanjali, bot of whom lived ages ago. Since those happy days the breed seems to have died out. Indian contemporary pedagoues and professors are truly pathetic figures, mouting with lofty airs the openions of other people. When they try to think for themselves, as somettimes happen, they give us nothing but learned squawks and squeaks

Kind Regards

Sunder T

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This blog is continueing as # 135

In India, the music and dancing begins with boredome with its sickening monotony. It is the copy of the copy. What little newness is to be found in it comes from Europe, particularly Russia. Indian best exponents of the art are still the pioneers: Udhay Shankar, Ram Gopal, and Mrinanli Sarabhai, who have had the courage to put new life into the old forms

There is little freshness in our painting too: most of our artists are mere cameras, reporuding something from this or that land. Two painters, however, stand out: Amrita Sher Gil and Elizabeth Brunner, both miles ahead of ther contemporaries; but they are not Indians-one is half-Ungaraian and the ohter totally so. There is only on master: Jamini Roy, who is fast becoming a factory

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Sunder T



india_withoutmakeup is continueing as # 134-

Indian practitioner of the art follows the work of Russian proletarian craftsmen, another, at this distance date, has discovered James Joyce, a third take the path of Thomas Hardly, localizeing himself to a particular district, without having the genius of the author of jude the Obscurea forth, a fifth, a sixth-all of them have their models. What Indians authors are getting are not organic growths, springing from the deep roots of life, but pasted oddities

No Indian piece of music is geniune expression of Indian present-day temper. Indians still play and replay the melodies that once enchanted their ancestors. The more the modern Indian changes the more he seems to remain the same. At least musicians like Ravi Shanker and Ali Akhbar Khan continue to reveal to us and the West the power and sweetness of Indian music

Kind Regards

Sunder T

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Indian art, architecture, literature, philosophy, metaphyics, music-and other efforts of the spirit-are pallid imitations of westernism. ais there a single Indian poet who has broken fresh ground? Our brave bards are still copying T>S.eliot. Ofcourse, we have our obsecure minstrels too, but their fog is worse than the English smog. To what god they are mumbling they themselves do not know. Kind Regards! Sunder T [next will continue as # 134

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger.india_withoutmakeup.132: india_withoutmakeup contineing as # 132 - Who left India two years older than we were? The British. They gave India almost the status of b...


india_withoutmakeup contineing as # 132 -

Who left India two years older than we were? The British. They gave India almost the status of being the children of the oldest civilization of the earth. Who discovered the wonders of Ajanta caves? Again, the British. From whom did we get an inkling of the Upanishads? It fell to the lot of a Frenchman, Anquetil Duperron. And who gave these masterpieces, then available in crude translations, world-wide importance? a German. Schopenhauer

Most of us were as;eep. A few, like Ram Mohan roy, were aware of the deeper realities, but they were voices in the widlerness. Even now, despite the laudable efforts of Dr. Radhakrishanan, we do not know properly our own past. The glories of the Aryan period lie buried, but the glories of the Draidian Age remain almost unsuspected, yet they are, as Steiner suggested, light-and life-bringing. So low India has fallen that instead of continueing alon the immemorial lines or breaking paths of India`s own, India, like little children, pick up anything glittering that foreigners flign at India. [next will continue as # 133]

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Sunder T

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sunderblogger: sunderblogger-india_withoutmakeup.131: india-withoutmakeup -continueing as #131 - There came a time when India ceased to pub forth new leafage. Through her subsequent efforts ra...


india-withoutmakeup -continueing as #131 - There came a time when India ceased to pub forth new leafage. Through her subsequent efforts ran empty tintinabulation. Forms, devoid of the soul, were transmitted from father to son. And the end is not yet. For nearly a thousand years India has ben repeating the limitations of our ancestors. Individual thinking, a fresh approach, new discoveries, bold adventures have nt stirred India. India has been unremittingly chasing its own tail. No wonder India`s achievements, harring a few exeptions, present a picture during an entire millenium, of intellictual sterility. It is India`s Dark Age. Unfortunately, it is not yet over. In almost every domain on India`s activity India has forgotteen the fundamental principles of our past knowledge. Our glory, and to relate, India did not re-discover herself. It was the Westerners -British, French, and Germans-whorevealed it to India. And they revealed it to Inida only partially, because they knew no better. However, the work they did was beyond the price of pearls. [next will continue as # 132] Kind Regards! Sunder T from Mumbai.

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-continueing as no. 130 At one time India was the most original of nations; she fecundated the world with her ideas; her impress is to be found almost everywhere. Pythagoras owed not a little to her thought; Empodocles too drw freely from her treasure of wisdom; ever the divine Plato came under her majic spell. domocritus, Tather of the Mighty Atom, was pracically raised on her milk. Such examples could be multiplied and infinitum. A.E.used to say that Hellenism was but pale acho of Indianism. this is perhaps a peotic exaggeration, but there is no doubt that the Greeks owe much to ancient India.If we take the world country and examine each seperate adventure of our experience, we shall find in one and all some strands of our experience. This applies as to England and France as to Russia and America. You need not mention the Far East; our meditativeness colours much there. The Japanese, too, though fiercly exclusive and nationalistic, have felt our wichery-Kind Regards-Sunder T [next will continue as no. 131.

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india_withoutmakeup continueing as no. 129- In India, material has to be selected from the four corners of the earth and integrated with whatever we decide to retain from the old system. Then alone shall we have the type of the education that free India requires. In the chaotic world of today India is not a stabilishing force; in truth, we add to the general disorder by our own inner disorder. A re-orientation of Indian education is India`s basic need. When this has been done, individual, social and national discipline will come as spontaneously as light from the sun. Then India will be the land that Gandhi dremeamed of- a land where a free spirit will meet another free spirit, a land where there will be neigher high or nor low, a land where the words native and foreigner will be unknown. India has always tried to be herself yt open to all the winds of heaven. Today India finds herself at the mercy of various whirl-winds, and is in danger of being swept off her feet. She stands dazed, knowing not what direction to take. India might have been created by Pirandello: India is a character who has never found an author. Kind Regards! Sunder T